At Black Tide Fishing the project started with just a few of us who lived and breathed fishing and we were out every waking minute trying to catch the fish of our dreams.

Some time ago we felt that not only had the way we view angling media changed (in terms of the demand for a hard copy becoming less and the evolution of digital devices) but, we also felt that the existing mediums of angling literature had become stale, repetitive and had changed very little in decades.

Being avid anglers ourselves, who are absolutely passionate about this hobby, pastime and sport, we feel people deserve something better in terms of angling media, we are totally committed to delivering that, and we are driven by our love for fishing in all of its various forms.

It’s important to us that you all feel you are part of the journey, there is no us and them culture here, you are anglers like us and part of the story as it evolves. We will endeavour to bring you all the best angling media possible, via our magazine and social media channels.

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Best wishes,

The Black Tide Team