The Black Tide Team

Chris Kennedy - Editor

Chris is an accomplished photographer and well travelled angler who enjoys writing material that brings others on the journey with him.

Grant Jones - Editor

Grant enjoys a wide variety of angling styles in both the UK and abroad. Something of a Norway veteran, his travel plans over the next few years now cover half the globe.

Rob J

Here at Black Tide, we're not sure we've ever met a man with the sheer determination as Rob J. Rob will be featuring in many of our team pursuits and videos, as well as articles on his personal quests for new specimens

Rob S

Primarily fishing Chesil and the Purbecks coast, Rob will be featuring in a lot of the video work Black Tide have planned, both on home shores and beyond.

Sam Prentice

Featuring with a number of specimens already in Black Tide features, including near 200lb Skate and double figure Bass, Sam will be hoping for more of the same over the coming months

Mike Kennedy

An all round hunter and angler, Mike focuses his angling on the lure side of the sport. Mike will be fronting a lot of video work for Black Tide this coming year.

Remi Naftel

Anyone with a serious interest in lure fishing for Bass will no doubt have heard of Remi; our Channel Islands resident who brings us his expertise in pursuing this sought after species

Grant Woodgate

Grant Woodgate is a very experienced lure & bait angler, both in Europe with Bass and in some of the world's most remote exotic locations for a range of species, he is a shore angler through and through, catching huge fish like Yellowfin Tuna.


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